[Ironruby-core] Code Review: bm_and_gitpushes

Jim Deville jdeville at microsoft.com
Wed Jul 15 17:59:30 EDT 2009

F2F with Jimmy


...there is no try

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> From: Jim Deville
> Sent: Wednesday, July 15, 2009 2:39 PM
> To: IronRuby External Code Reviewers
> Cc: ironruby-core at rubyforge.org
> Subject: Code Review: bm_and_gitpushes
>   tfpt review "/shelveset:bm_and_gitpushes;REDMOND\jdeville"
>   Comment  :
>   Combination shelveset:
>   modifications to the benchmarks to get a larger range of values to test
> against, and to bring some of the extremely long running benchmarks under
> control
>   Various powershell scripts to automate git pushing:
>   new-rubysync.ps1:
>   Automates the setting up of a rubysync git/tfs enlistment.
>   Usage:
>   new-rubysync -dir /path/to/repo [-name workspacename (default
> rubysync)] [-server tfsserver (default vstfdevdiv)] [-get]
>   The get flag tells the script whether to do a "tf get /overwrite" after setting
> up the workspace.
>   merlin.psm1:
>   A powershell module (thus Powershell V2 only) that includes a powershell
> vsvars, dev.bat and a few helper functions for the other scripts
>   dev.ps1: dev.bat equivalant
>   update-git.ps1:
>   updates the local enlistment and performs a push. Takes a powershell
> command string that will get it set into the correct enlistment (for example,
> the path to the Rubysync's dev.ps1 would work).

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