[Ironruby-core] IronRuby + Sinatra isn't working for me

Jimmy Schementi Jimmy.Schementi at microsoft.com
Mon Jul 13 13:21:47 EDT 2009

See the Sinatra page on the website (http://ironruby.net/documentation). You need to apply two small changes since Sinatra depends on stack traces to find the entry point script. I consider this a incorrect way to do things, so anyone who'd like to clean this patch up and get it fixed in Sinatra?

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On Jul 13, 2009, at 10:11 AM, "Ivan Porto Carrero" <ivan at flanders.co.nz<mailto:ivan at flanders.co.nz>> wrote:

I can't offer any help but I can confirm that it doesn't work for me either.
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On Mon, Jul 13, 2009 at 6:52 PM, Mark Wilkins <<mailto:wilkins.mark at gmail.com>wilkins.mark at gmail.com<mailto:wilkins.mark at gmail.com>> wrote:
After finally watching John Lam's PDC presentation, I thought I'd take
my IronRuby a step farther and try using it to run Sinatra.  I've used
Sinatra a bit with MRI, but the behavior I'm getting with IronRuby
seems a bit odd.

Here's what's currently installed on my machine:
Sinatra 0.9.2 (installed via igem install)

so, given a simple app like:
require 'rubygems'
require 'sinatra'

get '/' do

and from the command line, running:
$ ir myapp.rb

rather than getting the expected, "==Sinatra has taken the stage...", I get:

$ir -v myapp.rb
IronRuby on .NET


and there is no server running at localhost:4567.

Anyone have any ideas?


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