[Ironruby-core] Spec and calling other examples

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Which library is this? Some support what you're asking for, some don't. I think bacon supports it ... test-spec doesn't. Not sure about rspec. If you're are that concerned about it, please post this message to the cooresponding project's mailing list ... this isn't part of IronRuby, it's just a Ruby library.
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When performing BDD there are few occasions when a certain example (BDD
test) depends on other context/example.

Here is one example:

describe Person  do

before do

@person = Person.new
@person.Age = 19


it "should be able to vote" do

@person.CanVote().should == true


describe "19 years old" do

it "should be able to vote"   # does not work



The context of "19 years old" fails since it requires to put the
"voting" context as a shared example which I don't want to do. If we can
just call other contexts within the parent context then it would be
great. I think it would be great if the above example just works.
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