[Ironruby-core] Extending modules defined in a ruby library via C#

Curt Hagenlocher curth at microsoft.com
Sat Jan 31 18:31:02 EST 2009

.NET types can never be 100% compatible with Ruby classes; the semantics are simply too different.  What would you expect to happen, for instance, if you were to say the following:

module System::IDisposable; end
class System::Collections::ArrayList; include System::IDisposable; end;
x = System::Collections::ArrayList.new
require 'mscorlib'

Clearly, the "real" System::Collections::ArrayList can't implement IDisposable because the type is immutable.  And the type we created to represent the variable x can't be a "real" ArrayList because we didn't know about that class when x was allocated.

So this leaves us with two possibilities:
1) Always overwrite the previously defined constants with the newly imported CLR types
2) Fail to load the redefined types

...and we're currently doing the first.  While it seems reasonable to fail, it raises questions about what to do if 40 types can be loaded successfully but one can't be.  Do we raise an exception even though there were 40 successes?  Or do we fail to load any types at all?

Monkey-patching CLR types is never going to be able to work identically to monkey-patching pure Ruby types.

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I think I've stumbled on a bug of IronRuby, but I would like to hear your thoughts about this before filing a report on the bug tracker as I might be missing something or doing something wrong.

I have a ruby library in which is defined a module and this module holds a few classes and constants. Then I wrote a library in C# where the same module is defined to add more classes other than the ones defined on the ruby side. Now if I load the assembly first and then i require my ruby library everything works fine, but if I require the ruby library first and then load the assembly, the module defined by the ruby lib gets totally wiped off leaving there only what was defined in the assembly.

Given that in similar scenarios we obviously can't use Extends =
typeof(...) in the RubyModuleAttribute, shouldn't modules previously defined in ruby code be automatically extended instead of being erased/redefined (which is definitely broken)? Right below here you can find the code to reproduce and verify the reported behaviour (for convenience I also made an attachment to this mail).

# =========== foo.rb ===========
def test(a)
  a.each{ |s| puts "#{s} is #{begin eval(s); rescue NameError; 'undefined' end}"} end

module Foo
  class Bar; end

/* ======== Nrk.Foo.Test.cs ======== */
namespace Nrk.Foo.Test {
    public static class Foo {
        public static class Hoge {
            [RubyMethod("piyo?", RubyMethodAttributes.PublicSingleton)]
            public static bool Piyo(Object self) {
                return true;

# =========== test_assembly_first.rb =========== load_assembly 'Nrk.Foo.Test', 'Nrk.Foo.Test'
require 'foo.rb'

test ['Foo', 'Foo::Bar', 'Foo::VERSION', 'Foo::Hoge', 'Foo::Hoge.piyo?']

# =========== test_ruby_first.rb =========== require 'foo.rb'
load_assembly 'Nrk.Foo.Test', 'Nrk.Foo.Test'

test ['Foo', 'Foo::Bar', 'Foo::VERSION', 'Foo::Hoge', 'Foo::Hoge.piyo?']

# =========== OUTPUT #1 ===========
Foo is Foo
Foo::Bar is Foo::Bar
Foo::VERSION is 1
Foo::Hoge is Foo::Hoge
Foo::Hoge.piyo? is true

# =========== OUTPUT #2 ===========
Foo is Foo
Foo::Bar is undefined
Foo::VERSION is undefined
Foo::Hoge is Foo::Hoge
Foo::Hoge.piyo? is true

Daniele Alessandri

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