[Ironruby-core] progress on ironrubymvc :)

Ivan Porto Carrero ivan at flanders.co.nz
Fri Jan 30 06:17:35 EST 2009

I think I can have a very basic version of ironruby mvc going over the
weekend.. that will probably be without support for things like filters etc.
yet.. but you should be able to define a controller and actions in
I haven't looked at the view engine yet and I'm unclear as to which strategy
to use because if ERB works properly then that seem like a great fit to me
or should I keep the view engine that is in the current repository and
improve on that one iteratively

If there are more people interested in using ironruby with asp.net mvc I do
have a good idea of what work is involved and how hard it is. There is a
fair amount of work involved that means I would need a couple of spikes to
get it all going. To make the controllers work etc. I think I will have to
define new descriptors that use the the ironruby infrastructure.
Does anybody know if the descriptors in the asp.net mvc framework are
currently set in stone or if they are still pretty volatile, that is the
biggest risk for the controller implementation IMHO?

Also there is a conflict between 2 types in the System namespace.
System.Func is defined in 2 places. I aliased the System.Core assembly and
am using the type from System.Core. This does give some weird results
because apparently System.Func<>, System.Core,..,... and System.Func<>,
System.Core aren't the same when the mvc framework checks for the types of
the parameter. Any tips to get around this? Am I doing something wrong?

I'll integrate Andrew Peters' inflector to take care of pascal casing, snake
casing and pluralisations etc. unless there are objections.

It would be good to get some kind of indication/document of what is
important from the asp.net, asp.net mvc and the ironruby teams so that I can
take that into account when I'm coding this thing up.

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