[Ironruby-core] IronRuby with Asp.Net MVC is possible or not...?

Jimmy Schementi Jimmy.Schementi at microsoft.com
Wed Jan 28 02:31:24 EST 2009

== Short Answer


We've always been clear on an expected 1.0 date ... sometime in 2009. =) The schedule to 1.0 will be more apparent in the next coming months. Check out http://ironruby.net, lots of new information about the project up there, and like I said, more to come.

IronRuby is open-source. ASP.NET MVC source-code is available. If you want it to work so badly, why not work on it yourself? The source code for the initial integration is available too, so I don't see the problem. We're a small team, so we can only focus on the language, and could use the help with these types of integration projects. So, please help!

== Long Answer

IronRuby has a very small, full-time development team at Microsoft. We are focusing on the language and libraries, full-time; IronRuby 1.0 is our priority. Other integration with .NET frameworks is usually from broader DLR-integration efforts that IronRuby gets for free/minimal effort, like my work on Silverlight before working on IronRuby.

So, again, we're the IronRuby team working on the Ruby language. If you'd like to voice your opinion about integration with ASP.NET MVC, I'm sure the ASP.NET MVC team would want to hear.

That being said, I've been the person on working most closely with the ASP.NET team, only on my free time, to make steps towards a better DLR integration with ASP.NET. Cause I care =P And in late September we made a first step by releasing an updated integration between IronPython and ASP.NET. http://blog.jimmy.schementi.com/2008/09/aspnet-dynamic-language-support.html. Also, Phil Haack and I have been working on an IronRuby MVC integration
http://github.com/jschementi/ironrubymvc. Phil was last working on filters, but we haven't merged that code back into my github account. The current state of the repo may be a little wacky, since the sample app uses ActiveSupport, which loads way too slowly, but it works.

Phil and I are only two people. With other full-time job responsibilities, and other side projects. If anyone is interested in seeing ASP.NET (MVC) integration, please feel free to get the available code and start building upon it. If you want to contribute, we can move the projects to ironruby-contrib and gladly accept patches.

If no one helps us with this, things will move slow ... it will eventually happen, but slow. So, if you want it so badly, I encourage you to prove it and help. If you don't, and the IronRuby team has to do the work, then 1.0 will be that much further away.


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> Hello..
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> Hi Phil,
> Great News shared.
> I am dying to work with IronRuby and Asp.Net MVC since ages, but no
> good
> news are seen nearby.
> Can you kindly make it clear for once and all that should i leave all
> the hopes to work with IronRuby and Asp.Net MVC or i can still keep on
> dreaming with this.
> No news are bad news.. and thats really frustrating.
> Thanks
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> I also feel the same.
> I have just seen this post on web and i though i would repost it here,
> since the progress of IronRuby is going dead slow since its
> announcement
> in Mix 2007 and now since Mix 2009 is round the corner, i see no good
> news of Version 1.0 and its support with Asp.Net MVC.
> I have also seen the same frustration on twitter too.
> Can any one come ahead with a final answer for this....?
> Thanks
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