[Ironruby-core] IronRuby with Asp.Net MVC is possible or not...?

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Tue Jan 27 23:17:15 EST 2009


Hi Phil,

Great News shared.

I am dying to work with IronRuby and Asp.Net MVC since ages, but no good
news are seen nearby.

Can you kindly make it clear for once and all that should i leave all
the hopes to work with IronRuby and Asp.Net MVC or i can still keep on
dreaming with this.

No news are bad news.. and thats really frustrating.


I also feel the same.

I have just seen this post on web and i though i would repost it here,
since the progress of IronRuby is going dead slow since its announcement
in Mix 2007 and now since Mix 2009 is round the corner, i see no good
news of Version 1.0 and its support with Asp.Net MVC.

I have also seen the same frustration on twitter too.

Can any one come ahead with a final answer for this....?

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