[Ironruby-core] Failure in library/ftools/makedirs_spec.rb

Jim Deville jdeville at microsoft.com
Fri Jan 23 14:41:33 EST 2009

FileUtils.rm_rf("target") is a platform independent way. It is also ok, because FileUtils is used by MSpec itself. It doesn't fail in SNAP because SNAP does a tfpt treeclean -delete between each run.


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Subject: [Ironruby-core] Failure in library/ftools/makedirs_spec.rb

This test fails the second time I run it. I have to then manually delete the makedirs_test folder that is created. The test tries to do system("rmdir makedirs_test/second_dir"), but that fails since "/" is used. How come its not failing in Snap? What is a platform-independent way of deleting a folder hierarchy?

c:\vsl\Merlin\External\Languages\IronRuby\mspec\rubyspec\library\ftools>runrspec -ruby ../library/ftools/makedirs_spec.rb

c:\vsl\Merlin\External\Languages\IronRuby\mspec\rubyspec\library\ftools>pushd c:\vsl\Merlin\Main\..\External\Languages\IronRuby\mspec

c:\vsl\Merlin\External\Languages\IronRuby\mspec>c:\vsl\Merlin\Main\..\External\Languages\Ruby\ruby-1.8.6\bin\ruby.exe mspec\bin\mspec-run -fd --verbose   --config default.mspec rubyspec/core/../library/ftools/makedirs_spec.rb

Parameter format not correct - "second_dir".
The directory is not empty.

File.makedirs creates the dirs from arg FAILED
Expected true
 to equal false

./rubyspec/core/../library/ftools/makedirs_spec.rb:2:in `all?'

Finished in 0.082000 seconds

1 file, 1 example, 1 expectation, 1 failure, 0 errors


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