[Ironruby-core] http://ironruby.net get's a facelift

Benjamin van der Veen lists at ruby-forum.com
Thu Jan 22 01:24:26 EST 2009

Hi Jimmy,

The new site looks great, truly an improvement over the old one. The 
homepage is definitely more approachable. I might suggest making it more 
clear that the Contribute link goes to github, i.e., mention it in the 
subtext. Also would be nice to have a link to the mailing list on the 
homepage. Which, by the way: is this a mailing list or a message board? 
I'm viewing it at http://ruby-forum.com/forum/34 — is there a regular 
list this interface is reading and posting to? Might be worth clarifying 
that on the site, too.

Also, it seems like the 0.2 Alpha download is a bit broken. On calls to 
ScriptSource.Execute([some code]) I get an exception complaining about 
it being unable to find Microsoft.Scripting.dll v1.0.0.5000. The bundled 
Microsoft.Scripting.dll is Has anyone else had similar 


Jimmy Schementi wrote:
> All,
> http://ironruby.net should look completely different, and that's a good 
> thing. I spent today moving stuff around, deleting, consolidating, etc. 
> The site is more focused on getting and using IronRuby, but don't fear, 
> all the info related to contributing to IronRuby is now on the Github 
> wiki: http://wiki.github.com/ironruby/ironruby.
> There are still a bunch of pages out of date, like the library status, 
> and general project status, but those are next to update. A detailed 
> list describing the status of each library will make it much more 
> straight-forward to jump in and start working on one.
> Let me know what you think.
> ~Jimmy

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