[Ironruby-core] SVN __AND__ Git revisions pushed

jirapong.nanta at gmail.com jirapong.nanta at gmail.com
Fri Jan 9 05:05:35 EST 2009

I get svn.exe error...on Mac + Mono

Macintosh-2:Ruby Jirapong$ rake compile mono=1 --trace
(in /Users/Jirapong/ironruby/merlin/main/Languages/Ruby)
** Invoke compile (first_time)
** Invoke happy (first_time)
** Execute happy
Cannot find svn.exe on system path.

***** Missing commands! You must have the .NET redist and the SDK
***** (for resgen.exe) installed. If you are synchronizing source
***** trees *inside* Microsoft, you must have both tfs.exe and
***** svn.exe on your path.
Macintosh-2:Ruby Jirapong$ vim

believe that need to fix  line#107 in rake/misc.rake

104 task :happy do
105   IronRuby.source_context do
106     commands = !mono? ? ['resgen.exe', 'csc.exe'] : ['resgen',  
107     commands += ['svn.exe'] if IronRuby.is_merlin? and !mono?

On Jan 9, 2009, at 3:48 PM, Jim Deville wrote:

> My changes went in this morning, so I have pushed SVN 183 and Git  
> revision 69815c7.
> Two things:
> 1)      Git may be in a bad state due to CRLF issues and casing. Can  
> I get a confirmation that it compiles and runs?
> 2)      This release includes support for local variables in the ir  
> console. Enjoy J
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