[Ironruby-core] ScratchPad versus Channel in RubySpec

Jim Deville jdeville at microsoft.com
Wed Jan 7 15:07:32 EST 2009

K, ScratchPad clear: MSpec doesn't provide any contracts. It is up to the user to clear his own state. This also allows for a test to use ScratchPad across multiple examples. ScratchPad is only meant to be a formalized global variable.

Channel is actually a part of Rubinius's standard library (IIRC). Ideally, the tests don't rely on anything more than basic language features, so we should try to keep usage of Standard Library to a minimum. I only use stdlib's that are required for MSpec's runner, such as FileUtils.

From: Shri Borde
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Subject: ScratchPad versus Channel in RubySpec

Many tests use Channel to collect data that needs to be tested. For example, the following in inspect_spec.rb.

  compliant_on(:ruby) do
    it "reports aborting on a killed thread" do
      c = Channel.new
      t = Thread.new { c << Thread.current.inspect; Thread.stop }
      c.receive.should include('run')
      t.inspect.should include('sleep')
      Thread.critical = true
      t.inspect.should include('aborting')
      Thread.critical = false

However, there is also ScratchPad which serves the same purpose. Why are there two ways of doing this, and which is the preferred one?

Also, (as we were discussing before), why does every test have to call ScratchPad.clear before using it. Shouldn't MSpec be doing this automatically?


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