[Ironruby-core] Code Review: InitAndScopes6

Tomas Matousek Tomas.Matousek at microsoft.com
Tue Jan 6 14:16:53 EST 2009

tfpt review "/shelveset:InitAndScopes6;REDMOND\tomat"

Outer-ring DLR changes (Hosting API implementation):

  Any code compilation/execution without explicitly given scope should eventually call SourceUnit.Compile overload that creates a new scope for the execution, so that a) the creation of an implicit empty scope is implemented on a single place and b) the language can adjust compilation based upon whether the code is executed against a scope or not (different overloads of LanguageContext.GetCompilerOptions are called).

  Adds SourceUnit.Execute overload taking ErrorSink parameter to match Compile overloads.

Ruby changes:

  Enables sharing of Ruby top-level binding across multiple executions against the same DLR Scope, which enables local variables in a console implemented via DLR Hosting API.

  Refactors control flow handling in rules:

  -   Methods that build rules are of two kinds: BuildXxxNoFlow and BuildXxx, where the former produces a rule w/o control flow and optionally stores a control flow builder delegate on MetaObjectBuilder if CF handling is needed. The latter calls the former and if there has been a CF builder registered applies it on the resulting meta object. This allows to compose rules w/o CF and then apply CF handling once on the final result.

  -   Fixes IO#open not to dynamically dispatch to "new". The implementation requires the above rule composition.

  Scope cleanup:

  -   Renames GlobalScopeExtension to RubyGlobalScope.

  -   Removes unnecessary dependencies on RubyScope where RubyContext is sufficient.

  -   Replaces uses of Scope where RubyGlobalScope is more suitable.

  -   Removes RubyContext.DefaultGlobalScope and adds Ruby.RequireFile taking a ScriptScope.

  Replaces Booleans on RubyCompilerOptions with an enum.

  Fixes method definition in module_eval or define_method.

  Adds /py option to unit test driver, which enables tests dependent on IronPython.

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