[Ironruby-core] Debugging rubyspecs

Pete Bacon Darwin bacondarwin at googlemail.com
Thu Feb 19 13:50:07 EST 2009

I am still having problems with this...


D:\dev\ruby\ironruby\current\Merlin\Main\bin\debug\ir.exe -v -X:Interpret
d:/dev/ruby/mspec/bin/mspec-run -e "caches" -fs -V -B "c:/Documents and
Settings/pete/default.mspec" d:/dev/ruby/rubyspec/lang


unknown: Unable to find a suitable ruby executable. (Exception)


Even this has the same result...


\Main\bin\debug\ir.exe -v -X:Interpret d:/dev/ruby/mspec/bin/mspec-run

unknown: Unable to find a suitable ruby executable. (Exception)


Don't have time to delve into this at the moment but will do so tomorrow.



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The following command runs a single spec, and only launches ir.exe once.
Note that the command launches mspec-run.rb which does not spawn any
processes. The other runners like mspec-ci etc do spawn a new process for


c:\vsl\Merlin\Main>c:\vsl\Merlin\Main\bin\debug\ir.exe -v -X:Interpret
c:/vsl/Merlin/External/Languages/IronRuby/mspec/mspec/bin/mspec-run -e
"caches" -fs -V -B


Also, note that in my previous command line, I had an extra "1.8". This was
needed for an earlier version of mspec, but should not be used anymore. I
have updated the wiki with the latest instructions that I have verified work
for me and allow me to hit a breakpoint where I expect.

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