[Ironruby-core] RubySpec: Exceptions in before/after get lost in output

Jimmy Schementi Jimmy.Schementi at microsoft.com
Mon Feb 16 18:56:48 EST 2009

There's also a dependency on "yes" in the popen specs. However, you can get "cat" if you install the gnutools for windows, but that definitely shouldn't be a requirement on the specs. Especially since "yes" isn't included in the gnutools. In both cases you can probably just depend on the current ruby install to do replicate the behavior of those commands. Anyway, Jim, can you submit a patch to RubySpec that removes these dependencies?


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> Shri Borde wrote:
> > core/io/close_read_spec.rb does not work on my machine because it has
> > the following code, but I don’t have “cat” on my machine.
> ...
> > However, running it does not report any errors in the final summary.
> > There is output indicating that something went bad, but if you run
> all
> > the tests together, the output scrolls past, and you won’t realize
> it.
> ...
> > .'cat' is not recognized as an internal or external command,
> ...
> > Shouldn’t mspec report this as an error?
> Probably should. The problem is that popen always returns the IO
> streams
> for the subprocess, which may be cmd reporting the 'cat' error. I
> suppose it could be modified to one of the other popen variants that
> set
> process exit status. You should bring it up on rubyspec ML or on IRC.
> - Charlie
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