[Ironruby-core] IIS 7 HttpModule for Rails/Rack with IronRuby

Will Green will at hotgazpacho.org
Sun Feb 8 15:22:59 EST 2009

First, I want to say that I'm very excited by the progress of IronRuby.

So, my interrest lies in getting Ruby web applications running through  
IIS 7. Specifically Rails, but also others like Sinatra and Merb, all  
of which are now built on Rack. Rack implements a new web-to- 
application protocol, based partly on Python's WSGI, which supplants  

I've looked, and someone has already created nWSGI on CodePlex. This  
project implements WSGI, and hosts IronPython to run the Python app.

I'm thinking of taking a similar approach, but one of the key  
requirements of the Rack protocol is that the Rack application's call  
method takes exactly one param: a Ruby Hash; it cannot be a subclass.  
Reading the status at IronRuby.net, it looks like Hash is not yet  
implemented. Is this the case?

I guess I'm looking to see if my project is something that can be done  
at this time, or if IronRuby needs some more help before I can attempt  
it. I'd be happy to contribute time & code to get this working.


Will Green

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