[Ironruby-core] test .net code with ruby BDD libraries

Jimmy Schementi Jimmy.Schementi at microsoft.com
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I've using bacon (http://github.com/chneukirchen/bacon) to test C# Silverlight code, and it works great on the desktop as well. It's definitely the smallest of the bdd libraries, and feels fastest, but I've got no data to support that (yet).


However, don't expect any mocking libraries to work. You can't mock C# types, and have those changes be visible to other C# code. We need to write a ruby wrapper around existing C# mocking libraries, so let me know if anyone is interested in doing so.


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Has someone already try to test .net code with ruby DBB library?

If the answer is yes, is there somewhere a sample/post/article of this work?

Did not use RSpec yet (as it was reported to be slow), but MSpec (BDD) and Test::Unit (can be BDD too) did the trick.

Check out this for a few hints and thoughts: http://blog.logeek.fr/2008/12/1/thoughts-on-ironruby-and-dotnet-testing


-- Thibaut

Many thanks in advance


Claudio Maccari


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