[Ironruby-core] videos over IronRuby

Charles Oliver Nutter charles.nutter at sun.com
Fri Feb 6 03:31:39 EST 2009

Mike Moore wrote:
> Does a video of your RubyConf 2005 session exist?!? I can find audio and 
> slides, but the only video I've found is from Sunday. I'd *love* to have 
> video of your session.
> http://brainspl.at/articles/2005/12/01/rubyconf-files-resurrected

Ahh, I guess I've never looked either. I'd like to have a video of that 
talk, since it was technically my first ever. I was super nervous; 
practiced it twice the night before. Too bad that there might not be any 
videos of it...lost to the ages I guess.

> RubyConf 2005 had a huge impact on me and I'd love to relive it. I had 
> one of the few Windows laptops there and I remember installing Litestep 
> during your talk. I used to run it back in the day and I had no idea you 
> were the PM for it before you mentioned it in your session. Ahh memories...

Small world :) Litestep was probably the last C/C++ work I did in 
earnest, and although we were able to *really* clean the codebase up, 
the whole desktop-skinning thing faded away shortly after that.

Maybe in another ten years I'll be doing some other big OSS project. I'd 
like to think I'll be done with JRuby at some point...

- Charlie

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