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Shri Borde Shri.Borde at microsoft.com
Fri Feb 6 02:40:54 EST 2009

  tfpt review "/shelveset:re;REDMOND\sborde"
  Comment  : 
  Adds tests in library\regexp\match_specs.rb and language\regexp_specs.rb
  Fixes the issues found by it. \c support had a typo had checked for \C instead. Added support for predefined character classes like [:alpha:]. I created a new class called RegexpTransformer for this to convert from Ruby regexp to CLR regexp pattern. Its state-driven and so can be extended if we need to do more complex analysis if needed. There are a few cases where we might need to do this in the future, and also if we want to give better error messages for bad regexps.
  Added Debug-only command line option called -compileRegexps to check perf impact of compiling Regexps to IL. It gives a 50%-300% improvement in throughput. Have not measured startup impact. The command line option will let us play with it easily.
  Added -ruby19 command line option to RunRSpec
  There are few more known issues with regexps that I will get to next.

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