[Ironruby-core] Using the generated initializer

Ivan Porto Carrero ivan at flanders.co.nz
Sun Feb 1 14:03:03 EST 2009


I thought I created a ruby module and ruby class but I must be doing
something wrong.

using RubyMethodAttributes=IronRuby.Runtime.RubyMethodAttributes;
using RubyModuleDefinition = IronRuby.Runtime.RubyModuleAttribute;
using RubyClassDefinition = IronRuby.Runtime.RubyClassAttribute;
using RubyMethodDefinition = IronRuby.Runtime.RubyMethodAttribute;

namespace IronRubyMvcLibrary.Controllers
    public static class IronRubyMvcModule
        [RubyClassDefinition("Controller", Extends =
        public class RubyControllerOps
            public static void Info(RubyController self)
                self.ViewData().Add("Platform", "IronRuby Mvc 1.0");


I then used the classinitgenerator to create an initializer class.
But when I require the assembly after compiling I can't get to IronRubyMvc
or the class.

Do I need to do something else?
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