[Ironruby-core] Using IronRuby from Ruby (newbie)

Ameer Deen lists at ruby-forum.com
Mon Dec 28 09:58:26 EST 2009


I'm working in an environment that's very Ruby heavy and I've never used
ruby before. I need to be able to access Windows performance counters in
from a Windows service is written in native Ruby (not IronRuby). I'm
traditionally a C# and JAVA programmer.

I was wondering if it might be possible for Ruby to be able to access
the .Net System.Diagnostics performance counters via IronRuby. Of
course, if there's a much simpler way I'm all ears.

I tried searching the forum and it seems my searching skills are not up
to par and apologize if this has been already answered. Thanks in
advance for any help.

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