[Ironruby-core] Testing with IronRuby Query

Gordon Marsh lists at ruby-forum.com
Wed Dec 23 12:59:45 EST 2009


I have just got IronRuby up and running. I'm intending on using it with
Cucumber to test some of the DLLs on our server.

It all seems to have been set up correctly and I have require'd one of
the DLLs from a location on our server. I have access to the DLL's via a
shared drive, but they are on a different machine to my own. The DLLs
sit on the webserver in the bin directory within the wwwroot directory
of an IIS server. The class interfaces are quite simple, but the DLLs do
a lot of work calling other services, databases etc.

Now, on my machine, where my test scripts are, if I import one of these
DLLs using

  require 'mydll.dll'

What does this actually do?

  1) Does it make a copy of the DLL code which I can use but is running
on my machine? Or;
  2) Does it reference the DLL on the webserver itself such that I am
running code on the webserver?

I ask as to test the DLLs effectively they will need to have the same
resources available to them as on the webserver (access to the DB etc).
If the code is running on my machine, then I can't test effectively.

Any advice appreciated....


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