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Meinrad Recheis meinrad.recheis at gmail.com
Sun Aug 16 20:17:14 EDT 2009

On Sun, Aug 16, 2009 at 10:54 PM, Orion Edwards<orion.edwards at gmail.com> wrote:
> I've previously (with IronRuby versions 0.5,0.6 and earlier nightlies) tried
> to do various tasks using IronRuby, for 3 reasons:
> 1. Because ruby is a great language and I want to use it.
> 2. I believe IronRuby is especially valuable for fitting in with all the
> .NET 'business code' around, and I hope any feedback I can provide might be
> useful to you?
> 3. To promote IronRuby amongst my company and local community
> However, I'd always come up against unfixable blockers, and had to abandon
> the effort.
> With 0.9 however, I've actually succeeded, and have built an
> automated-integration-testing setup (testing production code on dedicated
> machines) using IronRuby.
> I'd like to offer some feedback based on this:
> * First of all, congratulations on all the progress! Being able to actually
> use IronRuby on a real project has been really satisfying. You guys are
> awesome!
> *  The main issue I now have with IronRuby at the moment is startup time.
> It takes around 4 seconds warm-starting iirb on my core2quad with 4 gigs of
> RAM, and far far longer (some 30-odd seconds) cold starting on a lesser
> machine. I've ngen'ed all the IronRuby dll's on both machines.
> Anything you could do to reduce this time would make a huge impact (really,
> I'd be over the moon), and I'd gladly trade off a bit of runtime speed if it
> was needed.
> *  It also feels like parsing files (require 'blah.rb', or requiring lots of
> files) is a slow operation. I don't have any objective data to back this up,
> but it seems to fit, given that warm-starting just ir.exe takes approx 0.5
> seconds instead of 4
> *  On the plus side, being able to just distribute the 5 core dll's and omit
> the ruby standard library if needed is really great. One of the best things
> about IronRuby thus far has been that all I need to do to deploy it is copy
> a few files and presto.
> *  I'm primarily using it for scripting rather than any actual computation
> so I'm not compute-bound, but my impression has been that the current
> runtime-performance of IronRuby is great (the problem is "solved" as far as
> I'm concerned)
> As an aside: the win32 console is atrocious (which negatively impacts irb
> greatly). Please could someone at microsoft take a mac, run terminal.app,
> and go and beat the windows team over the head with it. You could substitute
> any linux distro for the mac if you don't have one. To be clear, I don't
> mean powershell vs cmd.exe, I mean the actual display/renderer, which looks
> like it hasn't changed since windows 3.1, and can't even copy/paste a
> multi-line block of text properly!

rofl. I think the windows team surely would have liked to make it
better but I am sure they weren't given the time. someone should beat
the responsible manager over the head with it ;)

> Thanks for all the hard work, keep it up!
> Orion
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