[Ironruby-core] Problems running irtests.bat

Shri Borde Shri.Borde at microsoft.com
Thu Aug 6 17:24:54 EDT 2009

To add to that, running “mspec ci –fd :lang” worked from the command line. When irtests.rb tried to call system() with that exact same command line (we verified that it was the exact same value), system() failed returning false. Doing system(“where mspec”) from within irtests.rb did show the correct version of (mspec and) mspec.bat, which implies that the value of PATH of the “rake” process was also correct.

Ryan, one thought just occurred to me. What happens if you do “mspec_base = "mspec.bat ci -fd"””? ie. add “.bat”. I wonder if system(“mspec ci –fd”) is trying to run the “mspec” Ruby file.

In either case, using the full path sounds like a good idea anyway.

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During our pair programming session today, Shri, Kevin, and I walked through some issues running RubySpecs from irtests and rake test:spec_a. The issue appears to have something to do with the path, as we tried numerous usages of system with various commands. We finally solved it by adding mspec_path = "#{root}\\..\\External.LCA_RESTRICTED\\Languages\\IronRuby\\mspec\\mspec\\bin" and including mspec_path at the beginning of mspec_base = "#{mspec_path}\\mspec ci -fd", effectively hard-coding the path.

I believe Kevin also had this problem, so if anyone else is having the problem, you can try that. After making those changes, everything ran fine for me.

Ryan Riley
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