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Sat Aug 1 12:49:54 EDT 2009

It's not expected to work, as that hasn't been implemented. Keep in mind the mssql adapter will be going away in favor of the standard sqlserver activerecord adapter, since ironruby supports the Ruby dbi module now. The documentation will be updated to reflect this shortly.

Many adapters don't support create because not all databases support it, without shelling out or something like that.

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I try to run "irake db:create" on my RoR app but it doesn't create the database. I have changed the connection adapter to mssql.

Is it a bug or it is not expected to work?

By the way, when debugging the code I see that some files are being required but are missing like "rubygems/defaults/operating_system" or "rubygems/defaults/ironruby". I don't know if it's related though.

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