[Ironruby-core] Planning?

Jimmy Schementi Jimmy.Schementi at microsoft.com
Thu Apr 23 20:19:23 EDT 2009

Ivan, I’m not sure if anyone ever replied to this, but I can help clarify some things for you.

IronRuby will be 1.0 by Oscon2009.

I’m showing what we’ve got so far with Rails at RailsConf in a couple weeks. I’ve been updating the website with the status of Rails, so just keep an eye on http://ironruby.net/Documentation/Rails if you’re curious. There is an ActiveRecord adapter (http://gist.github.com/100070), but it’s not complete yet. Ray Vernagus will be giving me a hand in polishing it up. I’m also planning on showing IIS support, as we did the work last year but never did anything with it. I also want to show ASP.NET MVC =P

Need any other clarification?


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John announced at Mix that the aim is to release in June 09.   That officially gives Michael and me a deadline around mid may probably. At that time it should be ready for RTM.

I have chapter in my TOC about webforms, but as long as there is no integration to play with it's going to be hard to explain people what needs to happen.  Should I just skip that subject then, is there a private project floating around perhaps?

Also rails compatibility what should I imagine there? Will there be active record adapters provided by MS to make that work because Rails without active record isn't really rails is it?
To host it in IIS I believe I've got somebody interested enough in Rack to give that a shot.  I just won't have time to implement that activerecord stuff although I looked at it and it isn't really hard I guess it's just a lot of work :)

I'll try to get ironrubymvc done as soon as possible because I still need to write 3 chapters to finish on time which might be a huge challenge on its own. The following is not a complaint/order/command or anything like that, it's just a query: If the timeline around webforms integration is anywhere before may then I might be able to squeeze it in, otherwise I'll have to skip it probably which brings my chapters down to 2 :).

For the people from the community who would like to submit a 2-5 page essay on how they used IronRuby in their organization. I will need those before the 3rd week of april at the latest.

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