[Ironruby-core] irtests.bat spawning multiple processes

Shri Borde Shri.Borde at microsoft.com
Thu Apr 16 13:51:09 EDT 2009

Thibaut, I have a change to irtests.bat which will give an option to run the tests in series or in parallel. I will push this through in my next commit so folks can chose how they want to run the tests...

The one issue with running in series is that if a task fails, you want to run the remaining tasks as well so that you can have the full list of failures. However, if you just keep running all tasks in series, the output of the failing task can scroll out, and then you lose the information of which test failed. The right solution is to redirect the output of all the tasks so that you can inspect the log files to see the details of the failure.

Setting up the output redirection, etc, is more work. A rake task would be nice so that all the logic can be written in Ruby rather than in irtests.bat. I will leave this for another day. Let's see how far irtests.bat can scale...


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Hi Jimmy,

thanks for the feedback - comments inlined below:

> Please remove the ClrAssembly.csproj file from the solution ... then all will build fine. That will be removed shortly.


>> - opening the solution in VS2008 shows 14 warnings about referenced
>> components that cannot be found (System, mscorlib, System.Net), not
>> sure if that's an issue or not
> Hmm, weird. The build configuration was definitely Debug, not "Silverlight Debug" or something like that?

It is Debug, not Silverlight Debug. I looked at the .csproj and saw
conditional references to these dll when SilverlightDebug is set.
It seems that the condition is not evaluated properly. Not a big deal
though, it seems to work, but could lead to weird things I guess.

>> - I noticed a runfirst.cmd, should I actually run it or is it obsolete
>> ? It seems to have an error in it (references default.mspec.rb which
>> has been renamed to default.mspec since).
> Runfirst.cmd should be removed, dev.bat is what you want

ok, thanks.

>> - on a french machine, the MiscTests/NumericLiterals1 fails see [2] -
>> sounds like a missing InvariantCulture in a float ToString call. I'll
>> look into it unless someone fixes it in between.
> Please track this with a bug on codeplex, someone else might have context.

Done: http://ironruby.codeplex.com/WorkItem/View.aspx?WorkItemId=597

>> On irtests execution: the end of irtests launches irtest.bat, run.bat
>> and 4 mspec in parallels ("start" calls). Is there a need for that (ie
>> one process that monitors the others) or could it be run sequentially
>> if it's more comfortable for me ? The load is putting my machine down
>> on its knees.
> You could make a version of irtest that does them sequentially

Thanks - much faster.

-- Thibaut
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