[Ironruby-core] [patch] More fixes for Array (IListOps.cs)

Shri Borde Shri.Borde at microsoft.com
Thu Apr 16 13:44:01 EDT 2009

Result of "git diff HEAD~1 -U15" would be nice if you can remember to include it, but don’t worry about it too much. I will try to deal with the github.com web view and see if it bothers me too much.

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On Thu, Apr 16, 2009 at 01:14, Shri Borde <Shri.Borde at microsoft.com> wrote:

> In IListOps.Fetch, instead of doing the protocol conversion manually, 
> you should calls Protocols. ConvertToInteger. Tomas, can you double-check this?

Hmm, right, and the code looks much more cleaner too.
I think I should just use Protocols.CastToFixnum then: we don't really care about bignums here, they can't be used as indexes for arrays anyway and in fact MRI throws a RangeError "bignum too big to convert into `long'".

> In IListOps.First, you can get rid of the allocateStorage argument as 
> its not being used anymore. (You can batch this fix with your next 
> commit)

Same for IListOps.Last, it just slipped away. I removed allocateStorage on both.

> Btw, could you please increase the diff context size to 15-20 so more 
> of the surrounding lines are included? That makes it easier to 
> understand what the fix is doing when using the url below, without 
> having to map that back to the correct line number in the actual file.

I guess there is no way to increase the lines range of a diff viewed via the github web interface, but I can generate and attach custom diff patches to my mails if you think it could be useful, just like the one attached to this mail and generated with "git diff HEAD~1 -U15
> patch.diff" (PS: I have not yet pushed this commit on my remote

Daniele Alessandri

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