[Ironruby-core] Some feedback on the compile/test process

Thibaut Barrère thibaut.barrere at gmail.com
Thu Apr 16 03:57:48 EDT 2009

Hi Jimmy,

thanks for the feedback - comments inlined below:

> Please remove the ClrAssembly.csproj file from the solution ... then all will build fine. That will be removed shortly.


>> - opening the solution in VS2008 shows 14 warnings about referenced
>> components that cannot be found (System, mscorlib, System.Net), not
>> sure if that's an issue or not
> Hmm, weird. The build configuration was definitely Debug, not "Silverlight Debug" or something like that?

It is Debug, not Silverlight Debug. I looked at the .csproj and saw
conditional references to these dll when SilverlightDebug is set.
It seems that the condition is not evaluated properly. Not a big deal
though, it seems to work, but could lead to weird things I guess.

>> - I noticed a runfirst.cmd, should I actually run it or is it obsolete
>> ? It seems to have an error in it (references default.mspec.rb which
>> has been renamed to default.mspec since).
> Runfirst.cmd should be removed, dev.bat is what you want

ok, thanks.

>> - on a french machine, the MiscTests/NumericLiterals1 fails see [2] -
>> sounds like a missing InvariantCulture in a float ToString call. I'll
>> look into it unless someone fixes it in between.
> Please track this with a bug on codeplex, someone else might have context.

Done: http://ironruby.codeplex.com/WorkItem/View.aspx?WorkItemId=597

>> On irtests execution: the end of irtests launches irtest.bat, run.bat
>> and 4 mspec in parallels ("start" calls). Is there a need for that (ie
>> one process that monitors the others) or could it be run sequentially
>> if it's more comfortable for me ? The load is putting my machine down
>> on its knees.
> You could make a version of irtest that does them sequentially

Thanks - much faster.

-- Thibaut

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