[Ironruby-core] [patch] More fixes for Array (IListOps.cs)

Daniele Alessandri suppakilla at gmail.com
Wed Apr 15 12:30:34 EDT 2009


I've committed more fixes for a few methods of the Array class that
were failing to pass the specs:


These are the specs affected by this patch:

* core/array/compact
  - Array#compact keeps tainted status even if all elements are removed
* core/array/delete
  - Array#delete may be given a block that is executed if no element
matches object
* core/array/first
  - Array#first does not return subclass instance when passed count on
Array subclasses
* core/array/last
  - Array#last does not return subclass instance on Array subclasses
* core/array/flatten
  - Array#flatten returns subclass instance for Array subclasses
  - Array#flatten does not call flatten on elements
* core/array/fetch
  - Array#fetch passes the original index argument object to the
block, not the converted Integer

I hope I haven't forgotten anything important this time, changes to
the tags files are included in the commit :-)


Daniele Alessandri

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