[Ironruby-core] Code Review: gitpull3

Jim Deville jdeville at microsoft.com
Fri Apr 3 18:20:49 EDT 2009

FYI Code review.

  tfpt review "/shelveset:gitpull3;REDMOND\jdeville"
  Comment  :
  Pulls in Shri and Jim's changes from git:
  Some more changes. Mostly closing bugs and adding .NET interop tests. Commit range is 90392fff to a39daeae on git://github.com/jredville/ironruby.git. I rebased this time, so you should be able to just grab that range and see only my diffs.

  *     closing Rubyforge 15060
  *     [#24589] $PROGRAM_NAME in 'English' not working now fixed
  *     making $0 the same object as $PROGRAM_NAME and adding specs for it. Closes [#24589] $PROGRAM_NAME in 'English' not working
  *     closing Rubyforge [#15061] tracking: create generic interface type
  *     closing RubyForge [#15651] NoMethodError expected when calling the private method 'initialize' of a ruby class
  *     added protected method invocation specs. Closes Rubyforge [#19118] Protected members not available when inheriting from CLR type
  *     adding regression test for [#19872] IComparableOps.CompareTo throws argument error when type is Decimal
  *     added reference support to csc.bat
  *     closing [#17467] Accessing IronRuby method from C#
  *     closing [#19950] Dir.glob doesn't handle **
  *     closing [#20027] Formatting float to string produces incorrectly "Infinity"
  *     closing [#20043] creating a generic type when the type is an interface
  *     closing [#20052] Calculating 3.0/2.0 produces NaN
  *     closing Rubyforge [#20263] Dir.glob doesn't handle missing folders
  *     closing [#20410] GetKCodeName
  *     adding test to ensure that File.stat returns a File::Stat object
  *     closing Rubyforge [#20640] Calling File.open with an integer (File descriptor overload) causes the File.open site to be unusable
  *     closing Rubyforge [#20664] Respecting visibility of methods. Also fixes a compilation error due to multiple IInterface definitions
  *     Closing RubyForge [#20665] Can't use an indexer on a WPF ResourceDictionary
  *     removing a tag for predefined
  *     closing Rubyforge [#21943] NullRef exception thrown while comparing a list containing elements with overriden ==
  *     closing Rubyforge [#21995] kind_of? not working with when extend is used
  *     recommiting some changes that were reverted by the merge. Methinks someone in TFS changed them. This makes describe work with 2 strings for shared behaviors, and it makes csc output #line pragmas
  *     fixing some more errors from the merge
  *     Adding class instantiation specs for regular classes with overloaded constructors
  *     adding regression tests for [#22197] calling super throw Argument Error
  *     adding StringBuilder specs to get rid of test_basic.rb. Also added equal_clr_string matcher
  *     refactor specs to use the equal_clr_string matcher
  *     basic string specs to remove test_basic.rb
  *     added more string specs to get rid of test_basic. Also adds field specs
  *     adding some basic event add and remove specs
  *     added event invocation specs


  YAML should allow spaces. eg the trailing \s\t in YAML.load("!timestamp '2009-03-22 00:00:00\s\t'") is allowed
  Changed igem.bat, irake.bat, etc to work in dev environment where ir.exe is not in the path
  File.expand_path("~") should throw ArgumentError is HOME is not set

  make orig_name, comment, and split close and finish

  compile error when pull form irmain, merge in zlib

  spec for finish, close, oriname, and trying to DRY orig_name and comment

  make orig_name, comment, close, and finish passed spec.

  Implements File.chmod
  File.readable? should return false if the given filename does not exist
  File.delete should be able to delete a read-only file. This is implemented by making the file writable first. This is the only solution I could find.
  Added debugger visualizer for RubyObject so that VS will display the result of to_s in the Watch window.
  Adds the wrapper script Merlin\Main\Test\Scritps\ir.cmd so that the Legacy tests (Ruby\Scripts\test.bat) can pass without any failures.

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