[Ironruby-core] Code Review: Bug Regressions and .NET interop

Jimmy Schementi Jimmy.Schementi at microsoft.com
Fri Apr 3 16:47:29 EDT 2009

Posted comments on github, but here they are also:

*          'represents the program name' looks strange, asserting that the splitted string (?) equals a array with two elements, both containing the expanded path the string represented. How does that make sense? Jim explained this one, and now it makes sense. He's adding a comment to explain the witchery

*         Catching NoMethodError to check for a private method is not enough, you should also ensure that klass.method(:initialize) gives you back a Method object, and that klass.private_methods.include?('initialize'). Given those three pieces of info you can better infer that the method exists and it is private.

*         Make protected_spec less redundant (see comment on http://github.com/jredville/ironruby/commit/167197cb78cb81590be9ae2fe48a953306070374#comment_18110)

*         Indent is off on line 10 in Interop/fixtures.generated.cs (and seems to be for all generated C#).

*         What's the debug("reference", ref) call doing in csc.rb? (that name cracks me up)

*         To answer the TODO in conversion_spec.rb: it should belong in the tests for using IronRuby through the hosting API. I don't think we have any, and maybe they should exist in our .NET interop? Interop/dlr/...

*         Is "truncate" the correct terminology in modulo_spec.rb? How about "rounds"?

*         There's no spec for the obj.my_event { ... } syntax

Otherwise, good job =)

From: Jim Deville
Sent: Friday, April 03, 2009 9:45 AM
To: ironruby-core at rubyforge.org; IronRuby External Code Reviewers
Subject: Code Review: Bug Regressions and .NET interop

Some more changes. Mostly closing bugs and adding .NET interop tests. Commit range is 90392fff to a39daeae on git://github.com/jredville/ironruby.git. I rebased this time, so you should be able to just grab that range and see only my diffs.

*         closing Rubyforge 15060<http://github.com/jredville/ironruby/commit/90392fff68b62c20b518507ee4e5766a2067290f>

*         [#24589] $PROGRAM_NAME in 'English' not working now fixed<http://github.com/jredville/ironruby/commit/ab8a90b2f62c8bd347a7db6a142aba13d6997767>

*         making $0 the same object as $PROGRAM_NAME and adding specs for it. Closes [#24589] $PROGRAM_NAME in 'English' not working<http://github.com/jredville/ironruby/commit/0619c3b38856614dfefeea1d19f539fd0e440284>

*         closing Rubyforge [#15061] tracking: create generic interface type<http://github.com/jredville/ironruby/commit/b1cae6307a3a151195442c4224e1c6cc6372c139>

*         closing RubyForge [#15651] NoMethodError expected when calling the private method 'initialize' of a ruby class<http://github.com/jredville/ironruby/commit/35745f6f947da80d2b1669de00f8703d118bd05a>

*         added protected method invocation specs. Closes Rubyforge [#19118] Protected members not available when inheriting from CLR type<http://github.com/jredville/ironruby/commit/167197cb78cb81590be9ae2fe48a953306070374>

*         adding regression test for [#19872] IComparableOps.CompareTo throws argument error when type is Decimal<http://github.com/jredville/ironruby/commit/d5e75cf6e129b8f415c9e90dd33ea8f1eaf9df21>

*         added reference support to csc.bat<http://github.com/jredville/ironruby/commit/15cc5fe83bd36b2557a4fc487e447c3681434a99>

*         closing [#17467] Accessing IronRuby method from C#<http://github.com/jredville/ironruby/commit/6c31b0834dcccb188a331910cc925054a2a97bfc>

*         closing [#19950] Dir.glob doesn't handle **<http://github.com/jredville/ironruby/commit/125638724c04f4743d7807746424d6d04855c643>

*         closing [#20027] Formatting float to string produces incorrectly &amp;amp;amp;quot;Infinity&amp;amp;amp;quot;<http://github.com/jredville/ironruby/commit/d428c0bcb6b09e1d467cb457a2d540fb9dd4ff21>

*         closing [#20043] creating a generic type when the type is an interface<http://github.com/jredville/ironruby/commit/bf83e3af66c5e97ad15c35571e8299a1ff333657>

*         closing [#20052] Calculating 3.0/2.0 produces NaN<http://github.com/jredville/ironruby/commit/40d5b7aaf2915b4a19bf5219cd777a66a6569a52>

*         closing Rubyforge [#20263] Dir.glob doesn't handle missing folders<http://github.com/jredville/ironruby/commit/085a6e79e67eda0c04de3473078b4744e208fc18>

*         closing [#20410] GetKCodeName<http://github.com/jredville/ironruby/commit/d52203496f833b8659909fac023af4ca5ab38629>

*         adding test to ensure that File.stat returns a File::Stat object<http://github.com/jredville/ironruby/commit/de0e2a717206eb71ee628fa9941fb64c77565a8c>

*         closing Rubyforge [#20640] Calling File.open with an integer (File descriptor overload) causes the File.open site to be unusable<http://github.com/jredville/ironruby/commit/a0937f07557f26cc44708bfd21f374a4eea07dcf>

*         closing Rubyforge [#20664] Respecting visibility of methods. Also fixes a compilation error due to multiple IInterface definitions<http://github.com/jredville/ironruby/commit/d38765a5d2360dbb4bd5cfc3ba71e8221fab4687>

*         Closing RubyForge [#20665] Can't use an indexer on a WPF ResourceDictionary<http://github.com/jredville/ironruby/commit/c9830e5b0a3616718d4654bfb424aef160ed29ec>

*         removing a tag for predefined<http://github.com/jredville/ironruby/commit/388c1fa61db2fbe32fd375e6c5a396a40628239c>

*         closing Rubyforge [#21943] NullRef exception thrown while comparing a list containing elements with overriden ==<http://github.com/jredville/ironruby/commit/585ab45ddc6fc0beab45fa5c594ba9982aa3a775>

*         closing Rubyforge [#21995] kind_of? not working with when extend is used<http://github.com/jredville/ironruby/commit/c288dbb7cecefc524d1f24557b57aa54c601d93c>

*         recommiting some changes that were reverted by the merge. Methinks someone in TFS changed them. This makes describe work with 2 strings for shared behaviors, and it makes csc output #line pragmas<http://github.com/jredville/ironruby/commit/ac44e0d6d4ae8dbdfd9b92b2125f69e2b53d1276>

*         fixing some more errors from the merge<http://github.com/jredville/ironruby/commit/c42e84c21020b6e206f8c84899227eb6e3d2bd7c>

*         Adding class instantiation specs for regular classes with overloaded constructors<http://github.com/jredville/ironruby/commit/eba230a507e88ed6a9833671ce037cdd1ad1a594>

*         adding regression tests for [#22197] calling super throw Argument Error<http://github.com/jredville/ironruby/commit/9313a99120a518375022ccb4f8a99c5f479f118c>

*         adding StringBuilder specs to get rid of test_basic.rb. Also added equal_clr_string matcher<http://github.com/jredville/ironruby/commit/09d04d656ad9b2621808c23261f228db69660a76>

*         refactor specs to use the equal_clr_string matcher<http://github.com/jredville/ironruby/commit/410fabd0582a9e1573118f7d15a057cf10bd44be>

*         basic string specs to remove test_basic.rb<http://github.com/jredville/ironruby/commit/044752ab3fc23e41798f84ac45a41f469ed7a4e6>

*         added more string specs to get rid of test_basic. Also adds field specs<http://github.com/jredville/ironruby/commit/de239fa9dceb12a4a9bbb0d200ca699fedd8000d>

*         adding some basic event add and remove specs<http://github.com/jredville/ironruby/commit/bf37c14fe44d1a1ad3567399905c4551da3838b0>

*         added event invocation specs<http://github.com/jredville/ironruby/commit/a39daeae41da467c03f2c38d0e6b68635fc3adc4>


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