[Ironruby-core] Requesting contributions to IronRuby

Shri Borde Shri.Borde at microsoft.com
Fri Apr 3 16:44:37 EDT 2009

We are getting closer to the V1 release of IronRuby which is planned for summer this year. The implementation has become fairly complete and usable in a lot of scenarios.

Over the last few months, we have also improved our processes to make it easier for the community to contribute to the project. This includes moving the sources to GIT, pushing the sources to GIT daily from our internal repo, adding shortcuts and scripts to make the dev environment easy to use, having the Microsoft team work out of GIT, and finally adding information on http://wiki.github.com/ironruby/ironruby/. Many folks are able to build and run the tests easily.

This opens up the opportunity for more of you to contribute to IronRuby and help make the V1 release be more complete and solid. If you have ideas of your own, go for it by all means. If you are looking for suggestions, I have added a few ideas at http://wiki.github.com/ironruby/ironruby/contributing. There are easy tasks like fixing RubySpec bugs and difficult tasks like porting a C# sample. If you are interested in any of the tasks, let us know and we will do our best to help you get started.

Every little bit helps, so don't worry if you are not sure how much time you can commit, if you are not sure how hard the tasks will be, etc. I would love to see more people signed up for tasks in the "Who is working on what" section. There are six names there right now. Can we get to a dozen?


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