[Ironruby-core] defined?(xxx) behaves differently when called from Silverlight

Thibaut Barrère thibaut.barrere at gmail.com
Thu Apr 2 18:44:12 EDT 2009

> The folder SL is installed into is the version; if you’re using SL2 it
> should be C:\Program Files\Microsoft Silverlight\2.0.40115.0\. SL3 Beta is
> C:\Program Files\Microsoft Silverlight\3.0.40307.0\.
I'm testing this from my Mac. I'll be searching for the files using find.

> http://jimmy.schementi.com/silverlight/repro-defined.zip
> Unzip that and double-click on the index.html file. The first line of
> app.xap is defined?(System::Windows::Forms), and works fine. It also works
> in the console. Let me know what happens for you.

Clicking on index.html shows a welcome message and the ironruby console, so
it doesn't seem to bang.

Editing has some weird behaviour: when I type (, defined? gets erased. Maybe
totally unrelated, but this mean I can't test in the console.

I'm a bit puzzled as why it fails. I'll try to find some extra time to
investigate - may be related to the fact that I'm using Chiron on Mac ?

No idea what's happening for the moment.

Thanks for the repro, Jimmy.

-- Thibaut
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