[Ironruby-core] lol.. google undo send definitely is a fad

Jimmy Schementi Jimmy.Schementi at microsoft.com
Wed Apr 1 00:52:43 EDT 2009

> Jim Deville wrote:
> > As was pointed out by some people around here, Outlook has had a
> > similar feature for a while, that gives more customization. It
> > just requires you to make a rule ;)

Jim, are you really pimping Outlook? ;)

> Charles Oliver Nutter wrote:
> And requires the receiver to accept the retraction if it's already been
> delivered, if I remember right...which of course I never did.

I believe Jim was referring to making a Outlook rule which delays the sending of an email by a minute or so, which then you can delete from our outbox during that window and it will never be delivered; similar to what gmail can do for you. The "retraction" system is far more inferior.

Ok, enough Outlook banter ...

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