[Ironruby-core] More CLR interop questions - Generic Methods

Tomas Matousek Tomas.Matousek at microsoft.com
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Generic methods are not supported yet.


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Playing around, I see that this works

include System

Generic = System::Collections::Generic

Linq = System::Linq

# var list = new List<Int32>();

list = Generic::List[Int32].new

list.add 1

list.add 2

# list.Average();

puts Linq::Enumerable.average(list) # it knows it's a list of int32

=> 1.5

This is incredibly cool by the way, however, I can't work out how to pass types to a method which needs them, such as Linq's IEnumerable.Cast.
This was my best guess, and it fails

# list.Cast<Double>();


I also tried

Linq::Enumerable.cast(Double, list)

Linq::Enumerable.cast(list, Double)


Is this actually implemented, if so how can I use do it?
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