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Jim Deville jdeville at microsoft.com
Wed Oct 29 19:03:43 EDT 2008

Did anyone ever help you with this?

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I'm completely new at IronRuby and I try to use it for writing GIMP
plug-ins, using my GIMP# library

I have hacked up the following code:

require "../../lib/gimp-sharp"
require "mscorlib"

class RubySample < Gimp::Plugin

  def initialize(args)
    super(args, 'RubySample')


puts ARGV[0]


But I get the following error: unknown: wrong number or type of
arguments for `initialize' (ArgumentError)

The Plugin class has a constructor that takes two arguments: an array of
strings (the command line arguments) and a string. Does IronRuby have a
different notion of arrays and/or strings than the CLR? If so, how do I
convert them?

Thanks, Maurits
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