[Ironruby-core] Xna+IronRuby+RubyNewb=headache

Gabriel Rotar lists at ruby-forum.com
Thu Nov 20 09:00:13 EST 2008

Curt Hagenlocher wrote:
> Is this a Ruby class that you've derived from an XNA type or just the XNA type > directly?
Well making a game using Xna basically meas inheriting the Game class 
present in Xna and implementing it's methods so yes it's a ruby class 
that gets derived from the Microsoft.Xna.Framework.Game class.
The structure required by your main game class is as follows:

-the constructor witch in c# is identified by the class name and in ruby 
as initialize
-the graphic initialization/reinitialization method identified by the 
name "Initialize", this is the one that is making problems.
-methods for both loading and unloading content
-an update method and a draw method witch make up the actual game loop.

So again my question is how can I call the graphics initialization 
function "Initialize", from Ruby, when it has the same name as a ruby 
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