[Ironruby-core] Xna+IronRuby+RubyNewb=headache

Curt Hagenlocher curth at microsoft.com
Wed Nov 19 19:41:23 EST 2008

I'm not entirely sure I understand the problem, but "Initialize" is the one CLR method name that we don't mangle.  Is this a Ruby class that you've derived from an XNA type or just the XNA type directly?

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Everything works great
Made a little c# loader app to hide all of the require and include
Orion Edwards wrote:
> ... and constructors are always def initialize, not def ClassName
There is a problem in the fact that Xna has a function that is called
every time the graphics device is lost(ex:alt+tab) and then returned
witch is called Initialize() this function is basically responsible for
initializing the main GraphisDevice object.
Is there a way to call this function?
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