[Ironruby-core] StackOverflowException when accessing object properties

Benjamin Van der veen lists at ruby-forum.com
Sat Nov 15 01:33:43 EST 2008

Hello all,

Why does the stack overflow?

class Program
    static void Main(string[] args)
        ScriptRuntime runtime = Ruby.CreateRuntime();
        ScriptEngine engine = runtime.GetRubyEngine();

        ScriptScope scope = engine.CreateScope();
        scope.SetVariable("my_var", new TestClass() { Text = "Hello
world!", Number = 42 });

        ScriptSource source =

class TestClass
    public string Text;
    public int Number;

If I set "my_var" to a string and query it's Length property, no
problem. I'm sure I'm missing something—I came up with this code by
reading a PDF found on the IronRuby site
(http://ironruby.net/@api/deki/files/1/=dlr-spec-hosting.pdf --
redirects to Amazon S3) because I couldn't find any examples. Maybe I
need to somehow import TestClass' namespace into the scope?

Thanks a lot, and apologies in advance for formatting problems (can't
find a preview post option).

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