[Ironruby-core] Running activerecord

Brian Blackwell brianblackwell at realemail.net
Thu May 22 00:18:48 EDT 2008

Hi John,

No worries - see the attached zip file which contains the Ruby SQLite3
driver with a couple of minor modifications (in particular the modified
database.rb loads the ADO.NET wrapper instead of the native driver). The
ADO.NET wrapper itself can be found in the directory
'sqlite3\driver\ironruby'. Although it is still very much a prototype, I
have been able to get a simple activerecord use case up and running
(with a few workarounds for remaining IronRuby bugs) which creates
tables and performs queries. The required SQLite3 ADO.NET DLL can be
found at http://sqlite.phxsoftware.com.


On Wed, 21 May 2008 15:30:38 -0700, "John Lam (IRONRUBY)"
<jflam at microsoft.com> said:
> Hey Brian - can you share your prototype ADO.NET wrappers for SQLite?
> We're at the point where we need a DB to boot Rails.
> Thanks,
> -John
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> I wanted to test my prototype ADO.NET database wrappers for SQLite and
> MySQL, so I thought I would see how far I could get in an attempt to run
> activerecord. Running activerecord is of course a necessary step in the
> path to running Rails. At this point I'm simply trying to get "require
> 'active_record.rb'" to work, which in turn requires activesupport. Here
> are some issues I've come across thus far:
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