[Ironruby-core] More on running activerecord

Brian Blackwell brianblackwell at realemail.net
Sun May 18 21:21:19 EDT 2008

I can also report that after applying patches and other workarounds, I
have been able to get "require 'active_record'" to work, and that I have
started playing with a simple activerecord use case. Here are some
issues that I have encountered so far:

(1) Bug #20222: super call in initialize method of a module throws an
  - This bug crops up in the Ruby library 'logger.rb'
(2) Ruby library 'Process' not implemented -
  - Is anyone working on this? More specifically, the method
  Process::times() is called by the Ruby library 'benchmark.rb'.
  Implementing this would also require an implementation of Struct::Tms.
(3) Missing method Signal.trap
  - Wayne has also encountered this issue. In my case Signal.trap is
  needed by active_record/transactions.rb.

More will be coming soon as I apply patches and workarounds...


On Sun, 18 May 2008 22:23:02 +1000, "Wayne Kelly" <w.kelly at qut.edu.au>
> After various workarounds, I can now run the rails app to the point that
> it gets through all of the gems infrastructure and starts running actual
> rails specific code.
> Unfortunately the first thing that it calls is  Signal.trap which is
> currently unimplemented.
> I have an implementation of Signal.trap from Ruby.NET but it relies on
> Pinvoke to call functions in msvcrt
> How do you feel about this kind of code in IronRuby?
> Cheers, Wayne.
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