[Ironruby-core] IronRuby r109 is out

Peter Bacon Darwin bacondarwin at googlemail.com
Fri May 16 02:01:33 EDT 2008

Hi Wayne,

Socket.gethostname is now implemented (as of r108).  Have you regenerated
the Initializer.Generated.cs class?  My update to r108 did not touch that
file and that may be the reason it is not picking it up.



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> Next steps are to start looking at running some simple Rails unit tests to
see what 

> missing APIs fall out of that investigation. 


I haven't had a chance to investigate this in detail, but my preliminary
tests show the following results:


(after applying the latest version, plus a number of my own patches)


Of the 365 test files required by my gems and rails use case:


315 load successfully


The rest fail for the following reasons:

13 - Regexp.new overloads not implemented
11 - Socket::gethostname not implemented
 8 - gsub $n bug [#20137]
 7 - YAML::Syck::Resolver::use_types_at not implemented
 3 - OpenSSL::Digest::OPENSSL_VERSION_NUMBER not defined
 2 - Thread::critical= not implemented
 1 - trap not implemented
 1 - catch not implemented

 1 - DATA global variable not defined

 1 - IO::sync not implemented

 1 - File::writable? not implemented

The gsub bug is what's currently preventing gems setup.rb from executing


Cheers, Wayne.


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