[Ironruby-core] Is IronRuby avoided in .Net 3.5 SP1... No Mention at all

M. David Peterson m.david at xmlhacker.com
Wed May 14 20:07:08 EDT 2008

On Mon, 12 May 2008 23:23:32 -0600, Web Reservoir <lists at ruby-forum.com> wrote:

> (1) Visual Studio .net ---- (2001)
+= Visual Studio 2003 (the original was Visual Studio 2002, if not mistaken)
> (2) Visual Studio 2005 -----(2005)
Released in November of 2005, so really should have been called Visual Studio 2006
> (3) Visual Studio 2008------(2008)
Released in November of 2007, so was accurately called Visual Studio 2008, though the release came two years after Visual Studio 2005, not three, so from what I can tell the .NET series of Visual Studio is on a two year release cycle.  Of course, no one at MSFT will comment on such things, but history seems to back it up.


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