[Ironruby-core] Code Review: Various5

Tomas Matousek Tomas.Matousek at microsoft.com
Wed May 14 18:48:05 EDT 2008

tfpt review /shelveset:Various5;REDMOND\tomat

Reviewed F2F by Dino and John.

-          Implements $KCODE global variable.

-          Implements ToString() and ToByteArray() methods on MutableString - they create a copy of the content converted to System.String or byte[] preserving the content representation.

-          Fixes bug #19309: double should be parsed using an invariant culture

-          Fixes bug #19867: $0 and $: not initialized correctly - initializes $0.

-          Fixes bug #15982: re-opening the class "Class" need update version?

*         Incorrect tests were emitted when dispatching on modules/classes

-          Makes method dispatch multi-runtime safe (the missing check caused sharing of the rule across runtimes)

-          Improves and fixes bugs in MutableString construction from literals and by concatenation of embedded expressions ("foo #{x} bar"):

*         to_s string conversion protocol needs to be applied

*         "#{x}" was broken - to_s wasn't called on x

*         Optimizes concatenation:

*         Where possible the compiler performs the concatenation (like x = "foo" "bar").

*         Special-cases concatenation helpers for all combinations of at most two literal and variable arguments.

*         Some more optimizations are still possible.

-          Implements Regex#to_s, Regex#inspect, Regex#options

*         Fixes bug #19756: Regular expression substitution

-          Changes instantiation of Ruby classes defined in libraries

*         C.new doesn't invoke "initialize" method anymore if C is a library class.

*         "initialize" can therefore be invoked only via send, from subclasses (directly or using super) and when instantiating a subclass that has no "initialize" method. In these cases the call is reinitializing an existing object.

-          Fixes one of the Array#initialize overloads

*         This didn't work previously: Array.new(class C; def to_int; 5; end; self; end.new) { 'foo' }

-          Implements parameterless Proc#new

*         This overload searches the lexical scope chain for a method scope and picks its block parameter.

-          Fixes #19805: Wrong number of type of arguments for Class

*         Implements Class constructor that creates an anonymous class

-          Fixes #19953: class_eval adds methods to the wrong class

-          Fixes EqualityComparer: it shouldn't call 'eql?' if the values being compared are reference-equal.

-          Refactors Struct#new and fixes some issues there.

-          Fixes some specs.

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