[Ironruby-core] Standard library inventory

Brian Blackwell brianblackwell at realemail.net
Mon May 12 22:17:29 EDT 2008

Hi all,

I can confirm that the ability to run some simple
activerecord/activesupport use cases is currently blocked only by the
absence of implementations of the libraries listed in Wayne's post, plus
some major bugs like #19805 and #19971. If anyone is interested, I have
also attached an implementation of enumerator in pure Ruby as a
replacement for enumerator.so. 

Once I can get activerecord up and running I should be able to do some
meaningful testing of the SQLite3 and MySQL drivers that I have been
working on...


On Mon, 12 May 2008 22:24:50 +1000, "Wayne Kelly" <w.kelly at qut.edu.au>
> Hi,
> I'd like to request a quick implementation status update on the Ruby
> standard libraries that contain native code ...
> If you are working on any of the following or know any additional
> information about any of the following, could you please post a followup
> email?
> The following standard libraries are implemented at least to some degree
> in the IronRuby.Libraries assembly (not sure which are totally complete):
>   digest.so          -> IronRuby.Libraries\Digest\Digest.cs
>   digest\md5.so  -> IronRuby.Libraries\Digest\Digest.cs
>   openssl.so       -> IronRuby.Libraries\OpenSSL\OpenSSL.cs
>   socket.so        -> IronRuby.Libraries\Builtin\Socket.cs
>   strscan.so        -> IronRuby.Libraries\Builtin\StringScanner.cs
>   zlib.so              -> IronRuby.Libraries\Zlib\zlib.cs
> The following libraries are used by the simple gem and rails use cases
> that I've been investigating, but don't yet have a checked
> implementation:
>   digest/sha1.so
>   bigdecimal.so
>   enumerator.so
>   etc.so
>   fcntl.so
>   nkf.so                  -> Andrew Peters?
>   racc/cparse.so
>   stringio.so            -> Eduardo?
>   syck.so               -> John Messerly?
>   thread.so             -> can be replaced by original thread.rb?
>   Win32API.so      -> can be just deleted?
> The following libraries are not used in any of the simple gems and rails
> use cases that I've been considering. (please let us know if there are
> any in here that you think should be made a priority):
>   curses.so
>   dbm.so            -> used by YAML?
>   dl.so                -> used by sqlite3 driver?
>   gdbm.so
>   iconv.so           -> used by actionmailer?
>   io.so
>   pty.so
>   readline           -> used by debug.rb
>   sdbm.so
>   syslog.so
>   tk.so
>   win32ole.so
> Cheers, Wayne.
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