[Ironruby-core] Friday status update

John Lam (IRONRUBY) jflam at microsoft.com
Fri May 9 14:27:00 EDT 2008

Lots of things are going on around here, and we have a few mutually interdependent changes that are causing a delay in getting a new update to SVN.

We have a nasty blocking bug, #19971, that keeps us from running real programs (like the latest rubinius specs). It showed up on Monday as a result of a change to the DLR. The fix is on the way. Once it is checked in, we should be able to check in the latest rubinius specs that Jim has been working on, and show the results of running against them.


Tomas has a new MutableString implementation that is being reviewed this morning. Once that is done and through SNAP, we'll be able to apply my bugfixes shelveset that fixes a number of issues that are preventing various apps from running.

Curt Hagenlocher has recently joined our team and is on loan to IronRuby for a few weeks. He is working on getting Dir#glob and File#fnmatch up and running. He's also looking at getting Ruby marshaling up and running as well.


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