[Ironruby-core] generic and non generic type with the same name

Steve Eichert steve.eichert at gmail.com
Thu May 8 09:36:02 EDT 2008

IronRuby seems to be having a problem resolving a generic type when a non
generic type with the same name exists.  The specific example that I
discovered the bug with is when trying to using Moq [1].

describe "some class with a mock" do
  it "should use the mock" do
    mock = Mock.of(IMyMock).new
    my_class = MyClass.new(mock)
    // ... test stuff

Moq has a generic and non generic version of the Mock class.  When I try and
run the code above it tells me that Moq.Mock is not a generic type.  After
digging through the code a bit it looks like this should be handled my
Microsoft.Scripting.Action.TypeGroup.  I haven't been able to uncover where
IronRuby makes use of this as of yet.  Is this a known bug, or should I
submit a bug on rubyforge...or am I doing something wrong?

[1] http://code.google.com/p/moq/

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