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Michael Letterle michael.letterle at gmail.com
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As an example, I tried this with the zlib library initially (well not the
interop, just pure ruby).  The result of which is Zliby (
http://zliby.rubyforge.org/), however the performance was so abysmial it
pretty much had to be rewritten in C# for it to be functional.

On Wed, May 7, 2008 at 10:33 AM, Peter Bacon Darwin <
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> The majority if not all of the IronRuby libraries have been written in C#
> so
> far.  There have been discussions about this on the mailing list before.
> There are a number of Ruby libraries that have been written in Ruby.  Once
> IronRuby is fully compliant then it should be able to load these and run
> them straight up.
> Obviously stuff that cannot be written in Ruby (such as accessing hardware
> devices and so on) has to be written in something else.  In CRuby these
> libraries are written in C.  In IronRuby these are written in a .NET
> language (i.e. C#).
> That being said, since IronRuby provides .NET interop then it is
> conceivable
> to write a Ruby library in Ruby and bounce out to the .NET framework
> classes
> as necessary.  Obviously performance issues must be taken into account.
> Also, there are issues discussed recently about packaging up such Ruby
> libraries when deploying to Silverlight.
> Pete
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> I see that the Ruby.StandardLibrary.RubySocket is implemented in C#.
> Is it common to write the core in C#?  Has anything been written in
> Ruby itself?
> Sorry for the newbie question... is there a FAQ for this type of
> situation?
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