[Ironruby-core] Trouble opening IronRuby.sln

John Lam (IRONRUBY) jflam at microsoft.com
Wed May 7 01:17:42 EDT 2008

Aaron Blondeau:

> I am having trouble opening the latest (rev 101) IronRuby with
> VisualStudio 2005.  Nothing happens at all when I try to open
> IronRuby.sln - not even an error message.  I have been able to open
> the individual .csproj files by themselves and get everything put
> together, just not the top level .sln file.  Is it expected that the
> source will still work with VS2005 or do I need to move to VS2008 or
> could my issue be something else?

I know I don't have any problems opening with VS 2008. Is anyone else on the list still using VS 2005?


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