[Ironruby-core] Rails progress summary

Wayne Kelly w.kelly at qut.edu.au
Sun May 4 06:27:34 EDT 2008

Following release of revision 99 and a few of my own minor patches applied, progress is as follows ...

Note: I reduced my test suite to only those modules that MRI can independently loading without error - that reduced  the total number of test files to 386.

Of those, 248 load successfully with IronRuby.

The remaining 138 fail to load for the following reasons:

58 - Module::module_function not implemented
24 - Class.new() not implemented [bug #19805]
16 - MemberAssignmentExpression not implemented
12 - Kernel::extend not implemented
  6 - to_sym not called on block parameters to convert them to Procs [bug #19714]
  4 - Alias resolution problem [bug #19706]
  4 - Syntax error relating to JumpStatements [bug #19803]
  4 - yaml library not implemented
  2 - Codegen bug where last expression in method is a "statement" [bug #19914]
  2 - load path problem
  1 - eval doesn't handle assignment to constants [bug #19844]
  1 - stringio library not implemented
  1 - Module::extend_object not implemented
  1 - Kernel::trap not implemented
  1 - Regexp.new(Regexp) overload not implemented [bug #19927]

It would be great if others could assist with these, with priority given to those at the top of the list.
Please let us know if you are or plan to work on any of these functions or issues so that we avoid duplicated effort.

These is still a long way to go, but I think we're making good progress.

Cheers, Wayne.

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